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Commercial banking and lending brochure 

This tri-fold pocket brochure was used for sales in meetings and conferences to promote existing capabilities. The radial bars on the cover were hit with a high gloss varnish, while the rest was matte, creating a striking impression. 

Challenges: Vast quantity of content. Needed to work for a range of business verticals, who wanted to customize with their specific USP.

Solution: Distilled copy into long and short form, including data visualizations when appropriate. Added pocket folder, providing the opportunity to customize content to target audience and situation.

*Images shown reflect two versions of the same content, with the second design created after a  company acquisition and complete brand change.

Successful print material, generated with a specific message in mind and delivered at just the right moment, will beg for attention from its audience in an extra dramatic way.

Print is not dead

Sponsorship ads

Most print layouts can be dual-purposed as digital. AHEAD briefs are linked on the AHEAD product pages as downloadable quick-references, emailed, or used as printed hand-outs in prospective client meetings.

AHEAD Solution Briefs

Paying close attention to a client's brand is essential to successful marketing design. The new TIAA brand had more design elements and fewer constraints, making it a challenge to keep consistency yet more rewarding when successful.  

rebranded flyer

In the new TIAA brand, stock photography was a key element. My goal was to choose images that were more genuine and intentional to tell the story. PDF

TIAA healthcare recruit flyer

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