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Collaboration with account managers and content experts can shape a presentation into a powerful tool with full opportunity for design to shine. During my last 4-years with TIAA I became the PowerPoint template expert, a place for all associates to go with their template inquiries.

The Commercial Real Estate Finance (CREF) presentation displays quick bites of information for sales reps to share with attendees at the annual CREF conference. It shows off TIAA Bank's capabilities, the year's transaction breakdowns, and property highlights with just a few clicks.

After a new brand refresh, this presentation pushed the typical boundaries of a complicated IRS tax code subject matter, spelling out advantages using simple, easy to understand data and graphics. This example PowerPoint with page layouts and new graphic styles was presented to the Creative Director before the new brand push.

AHEAD: Solving the Problem of Accountability in IT

Theme designs for this executive retreat were pitched to the Events Team and TIAA CEO. Once the final look was chosen, a full PowerPoint template was distributed to guest speakers to keep presentations "on theme" throughout the event. 

For this presentation, the challenge was to take a popular client meeting video and turn it into a graphically enhanced PowerPoint by pulling out key talking points. Download the animated deck.

Diagrams with proper animation can build on an idea, spell out a process, or deliver a timeline. Download an animation samples show. 

Turning bulleted lists into an infographic consolidates information for more effective storytelling. Also vitsit The Art of Thinking Diagrams.

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