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Savi student debt campaign: Case study

TIAA and Savi team up: This B2B campaign was directed to the relationship managers of universities who use TIAA's services, to give them more information about the Savi program.

"The Savi team has seen tons of interest since the deployment date of this campaign; 18 Relationship Manager (RM) meetings requested or scheduled and 11 plan adoptions since June 2. Both of those rates are substantially higher than the norm over a typical 15 day period."

Peter Finnegan
Sr Marketing Manager

  • Since the video content would not be available until the emails were also due to go out, we suggested the use of stats be prominent in the emails. This would draw interest at a glance and ensure the email content did not duplicate the high-level overview in the video or document links.

  • The primary CTA button generated an email to the prospective RMs, but if the client wanted more info, there was a secondary CTA leading to the new Savi landing page with a video and links to the student debt survey, the brochure, and case studies.

  • We were able to find existing capabilities to program the CONTACT US buttons in the emails so that they generated a new email addressed to the RMs requesting a meeting. Slightly different pre-populated subject lines were used, enabling tracking of which RM emails were sent.

  • Working with the web team to understand existing modules and template capabilities, the infographics on the landing page were designed in smaller pieces so that they functioned in a variety of responsive views. The text was live to alleviate the use of too many alt tags and make the graphic ADA compliant. The infographics were moved below the video since it was the featured overview.

The questions

Q. Can we create a contact link to the RM within the emails, without the need for a landing page?

A. We could, but the executives need a place for the new video and three linked documents to be displayed indefinitely.

Q. What is the content of the video?
A. We don’t have the script yet. It will be an overview of Savi's services.

Q. What is in the three documents that will be linked?
A. A recent student loan debt survey, a "deep dive" Savi flyer, and testimonials.

The solutions

Create an email for TIAA Plan Sponsors that will bring them awareness of the Savi/TIAA partnership. The email will come from their Relationship Manager (RM) and lead to a landing page which houses an infographic in the header, a new video, and link to three existing documents. 

The ask

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