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Savi student debt campaign: Case study

Create an email for TIAA Plan Sponsorship, Relationship Managers (RMs) that brings awareness of the Savi/TIAA partnership. The CTA should lead to a landing page that holds a new video, an infographic, and links to existing documents for further information. 

"The Savi team has seen tons of interest since the deployment date of this campaign; 18 Relationship Manager (RM) meetings requested or scheduled and 11 plan adoptions since June 2. Both of those rates are substantially higher than the norm over a typical 15 day period."

Peter Finnegan
TIAA Sr. Marketing Manager

The Ask:

  • Since the video content was unknown, infographics were emphasized in the email. This would draw interest and help ensure the email content didn't appear as duplicate info to the video.

  • Instead of an email link leading to a landing page, the primary CTA led directly to the RMs' email boxes, making it one click away. The landing page link would then become a secondary CTA housing details if needed while still giving the video a home for external social media links to lead. 

  • Email code capabilities were researched to find a way to ensure the "CONTACT US" button generated a pre-populated email window with the correct RM address. With the addition of a dynamic button, tracking was not possible so email subject lines were auto-populated to enable changing data showing which sponsors had been contacted.

  • The infographic was redesigned into small bites to enable responsive functionality. Infographics text was live to alleviate the use of too many alt tags and make them ADA-compliant.

The Solutions:

First, the Landing page video was in production and there was no access to its content. Secondly, each email reply needed to be linked to a different RM email addresses, depending on the individual recipient and university. And finally, the provided infographic was not conducive to responsive design.

The Challenge:

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