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Full Adobe Cloud design knowledge and good collaboration skills are a must to pull off a successful campaign.

Quarterly email to Commercial Real Estate clients

This quarterly email from the Commercial Real Estate division was sent to existing customers with the most current data on closings. It was designed to keep the client/rep relationship current and peak interest in new deals.

The Watson Civil Construction website was designed around the alluring photographs taken at one of their construction sites. Tone and content was discussed at length before a site-map was generated, then icons and other graphics were created to finish the brand elements.

Before & After

It's the best day at work when the opportunity arises to work collaboratively with a team to brainstorm solutions. The Balance Build rebrand challenge included updates to an existing campaign. An email and direct mail were sent to encourage customers to add money to their checking accounts and receive a cash bonus.

  1. First, the headline was rewritten so that it was more clever. 

  2. The qualifying instructions for how to receive this bonus were originally more in legal terms. They were updated to include an easy-to-understand timeline. Working with the email code specialist, we animated the dot in the email timeline so that it moved vertically down the paragraph.

  3. The reward amounts were buried in a traditional table. An infographic was designed to reflect the deposit differences to scale.

  4. A short-fold was designed so that the bonus amount was seen upon exiting the envelope, before the direct mail piece was unfolded.

  5. And finally, the original call-to-action was a click away in a landing page. The updated campaign gave clear instructions for how to get started right away, within the original piece. Then contact information or a landing page link were provided for more details. PDF

Case-study: TIAA Bank balance build campaign

Various promotional emails

Top left, TIAA retirement advisors promotion with two sets of dynamic content for testing purposes. LPS mortgage servicing software emails. And on the bottom right, an EverBank, Jaguars credit card promo. 

Test results were not as we had expected with this cross-sell campaign. When testing the direct mail with image verses no image, there was no significant difference. When testing the postcards, showing earnings had a little higher response rate than the postcards without the earnings, but not a significant difference. 

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